Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Post-Crisis Poetics

This series began from the “desire for a poetics adequate to the present, the world since the 2008 economic crisis” (“Post-Crisis Poetics”). To continue constructing a network of practices and encourage discussion, that essay closed with an invitation for views of what writing can contribute to further investigating the post-crisis present.

Brian Ang, Writing the World-System          Olive Blackburn, The Summer of 1934: Art and Struggle in San Francisco          Dereck Clemons, In American Sci Fi Magazines          alex cruse, BODY NEGATIVE          Jeff Derksen, The Militant Word          Helen Dimos          Tongo Eisen-Martin, I Do Not Know the Spelling of Money          Rob Halpern, THE WOUND & THE CAMP, or VISCERAL SOLIDARITY: Some Notes toward a Radical Queer Poetics          Roberto Harrison, tecumseh republic          Carrie Hunter, Post-Crisis Poetics          Brenda Iijima, S + COP – E = Computational Topographical Fur          Josef Kaplan, Friends Forever          Nicholas Komodore, Lipos-polis (towards Amphi-polis)          Michael Leong, Towards a Disorientalist Poetics          Trisha Low, from Socialist Realism          T.C. Marshall, A Secret Agent, a Spaceman, & a Talking Bear: A Theory of Doubling the Stakes in Poetry          Chris Nealon, The Matter of Capital in 2016          Robert Andrew Perez, On Productive Ambivalence, Or Liminality, Or 27 Notes on Butch Kween Poetics          Mg Roberts, a zeppelin, a blossom          Oki Sogumi          Christine Stewart          Cruel Work: Chris Chen Interviews Wendy Trevino          Cassandra Troyan, from POSTSCRIPT FOR A FUTURE’S PAST          Jeanine Onori Webb, Stars, Seeds, Swarms: on the present and future of border-area action collectives          Steven Zultanski

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