Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nicholas Komodore, Lipos-polis (towards Amphi-polis)

Collaborations from Mayakov+sky Platform featuring poet Lara Durback
          composer Savvas Metaxas and electronica performance duo Raspberry Fields


Kepos (Leitmotif)

    Cherry Tree (Skylight)


EX to EXO ( to )

i) Threading the system 

ii) Stitches, circling the square 
(Naughts@Knots to Notes & Nots)

Studies in Amphoteric Architecture 

  1. Cyclical Structure
  2. Hyper-Optimization
  3. Gradual Clarity to Mass Alacrity
  4. Pseudo-Vertical Breathing Centrifugality
  5. Mobile Dynamics
  6. Tangent Plasticity (Nymphaea Effect)

1. The Nations of Capitalism
  a) Public Transportation Möbius Strip

2. Hysterohistory (towards an architecture of history) 
a) Communal Space  

3. Phases
A) Identifying   
B) Modifying (Residue – Digestion)     

a) Congestion - (B)rains in (P)reason  

b) Autogestion & Public Transportation Möbius Strip  


4. Metastasis   

5. Beehive Behaviorism  

6. hellen-hol(o)=hol(o)-hellen  (Nymphaea Effect)  


in loving memory of poet Csaba Polony

Amphoterics (Degradation)  

Capitalist recipe for sale    

Insurrectionary Plateau and 
the Staircase Effect (on Perpetual Praxis)  



Moon Contour II (Re-gnomon no Monger) 

Golden Ratio of the Revolution     

Delta (in between)   

Robin Banks 
& the Valences (Fillers) of Money/Value




Not a hyperbole (the problem with dialectics) 

Winds of change

Notes on Amphoterical Economics

Démarrage (an animation poem)

The donkey of eu(-) 
(eats the straw that breaks the camel’s back)

for Gilberto Francisco Ramos Juarez

Meconium - Poem of the initial (Amphoteric) poem

for my goddaughter R.



Upper & Lower
Abstraction is the only utopia and that’s not compliment

Timomachia – Reddish Green
On Capital and Amphoteric Value

 Studies in topology and materiality 

materials studied: wood, hair, concrete, leather, leaves, skin (human palm)  

Archemachia – Helixpolis
 Capital’s Gewalt/Gestalt


The children revolts
(Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez)

featuring poetry written and recited by Lara Durback 

Lara Durback's text included for further study

featuring music composed and 
performed by Savvas Metaxas

Glaukopis against Weltschmerz & Ersatz
featuring music composed and 
performed by experimental project Raspberry Fields

Unicode of the poor

*All photos were taken by Nicholas Komodore 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic 
(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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