Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Brenda Iijima, S + COP – E = Computational Topographical Fur

The body politic + vernacular specificity – creaturely autonomy + the way “bestial” is employed in racialized rhetoric + dominant sexual mores + representation of other animals = counterintuitive conceptual elements – a poet’s assumptions + summoning urgency = sensual histories of contemporaneousness + gross simplifications + improbable conditions – wolves in the wild = feral possibilities

healing, protection, imprecation and divination + calcified racism – Syria’s known oil reserves in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate, near its border with Iraq – 8,000 Syrians escape Aleppo before evacuations again halted + objects of commercial value made out of oil + the habitats of many animals – cloud cover + aging nuclear facilities – political fallout post-election = late stage contemplation – manufactured conditions + unending doubt + underlying impressions + concepts of the afterlife – time as a regulating condition – the close proximity of the moon to earth + CO2 – methane = an introduction to the 21st century

lots of things happening to bodies + farmers and landowners who are fighting the Dakota Access pipeline company’s use of eminent domain to seize their land to build the pipeline + a very hard winter + swabbing areas of the camp + a lab to analyze samples from Backwater Bridge, North Dakota + forms of intimidation that include attack dogs, pepper spray, water cannons, snipers with their semi-automatic weapons + surveillance – solidarity + ongoing protests – massive arrests + injuries to protestors + financial and corporate realms = water protector realities = humans and other species = disequilibrium in the face of terror = a demonstration of strength = blood lightning

earth reality’s catastrophe, an etiology + spangled breast plates buffed – leopards, bears, elephants, rhinos – dramatic shifts in currency valuation + turtles, crabs, starfish – a mountain of bison skulls + bones + the CIA in relation to the organization of the Mujahideen = USA’s understory + ecological structural adjustments + complexity + Dylann Roof guilty on 33 counts of federal hate crimes = economic sway – atmospheric river brings huge threat to California – snow and in the South + Oregon police field station completely buried – North Pole could see temperatures 50 degrees above normal Thursday + the president-elect’s tweets approvingly repeated WikiLeaks founder’s claim that the Russian state was not the source of the hacked emails from the DNC + WikiLeaks announces they will release

the emotional basis of neoliberal capitalism – fake news stories + propaganda generated by the alt-right + national mythologies – epic deforestation + the loss of 100 species a day from planet earth’s ecosystems – soundless beginnings + technical minutia + resonant metaphorical ribbing – syllabic drawl + dawn + dusk – in-betweens + futurity + vastness + threshold dynamics + disappointment + meadows – diffusely lit valleys + trees of a specific niche + intersectional imperialism + cat memes + global milestone of 400 parts per million

electoral politics = oligarchic power swap = necropolitical flare up + making kin in the Chthulucene - the Capitalocene - the Anthropocene - unworlding the sky = mass refugee crisis and perpetual war = bank bailout = credit swap = a climate in a frenzy

100 officers in riot gear with automatic rifles lined up across a highway, flanked by multiple MRAPs + an LRAD sound cannon + Humvees driven by National Guardsmen + an armored police truck and a bulldozer + illegal pipeline + 0 % community consensus + organized protest

Blanket commodification of black suffering and death by white neoliberal feminism + carceral maximization + mountaintop removal + toxic monocrops = “postcolonial nature anthropozoogenesis + travel and labor + on call philosophical precepts + memorialization of nature = transubstantiated power grid + art-design-activist difficulty onrushing extinction + GDP + poetry + prototypes of future worlds – episteme – techne + another racist epithet false flag events + uncovered burial mounds from the Abbevillean and Clactonian period that include bone shards of hippopotamus (that perished forever from that region of France) + native religious beliefs + weights + measures = earth science fearless speech – propagandizing newscasting + the Gatlinburg wildfire hot enough to melt cars + the Rock Mountain, Camp Branch, and Pinnacle Mountain Fires + satellite imagery to survey the situation + suppression efforts + record-breaking drought + hardwood leaf litter in all directions + strong winds

ludicrous tweets + normalizing tendencies + business as usual + wall street highs + disposable gadgetry + daylight savings – the militarization of main street + remaining forests + the core of the earth + volcanic temperatures – a future-present continuum + oil spill + maximum deep shore oil production + massive die off of seals + all you need to know about Candida – busy corporate lawyers – becoming-with-responsibilities – the birth of a new tool – the recognition that other animals use tools + the recognition that other animals have a complex range of emotions + the recognition that other animals use language to communicate – indirect evidence + capital “M” “Man” + “civilization” – civilizing tendencies + NGOs = the world stage alternative universes + funding for space travel – ontological expansiveness – gulls, eagles and finches – hawks, falcons and vultures + feral robotic dogs = speculative thinking

trigger warnings + feeling safe + dismantling canonic thinking + the fictitious, the factual and the historic = cultural reckoning character development in novels + methods of creating sentences and paragraphs + ontological quicksand + pictorial ways of knowing + apperception of political equity = phenomenology as ally

elaborate hoax + WikiLeaks + whistleblowers haven + demystifications + the power of ideology – economically polarizing laws habitat loss – wastewater runoff into river + denuded forests – landfill quotas = human managed life systems

the emergence of community life + interrelation with other animals + sharing habitats – appropriation of habitats + poisoned well water + reappearing prehistory

whatever comes to mind + nervous anxiety + habituated thinking + dogmatic reasoning + fearless speech + speechlessness + silencing + the problem with attention + the afterlife and divine judgement – the expansive cosmos

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