Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mg Roberts, a zeppelin, a blossom

i want to belong, to never belong
to orient is always to suffer
in corrosive regression rusting through us
rusting audience as transparent as water
I mean smoke
always smolders white

i want to begin, to never begin
hold thumb to set evasion in upward or downward direction
see FAQ map
wet limbs, cut and flung into a ditch like pieces of sky
the innocence of a racial faux pas you overhear
trade wet for dry barometers
stolen geography, stolen tense
metal pressured in earth concealed in threshold
apology bruising
some blossoms don’t get to: reappear

i want to forgive, to never forgive
minerals pressurize under earth
does a tree fall in the forest surrounded by blossoms and or limbs?
flight-summoned you appear with activated wings
all scale & boneslick
you are at the center of blossoms
apple-picker, lung breather, coffee-drinker:

is this about tending to the room or the orchard?
a wet garden with the twinkle of toxic metals in peripheries, a
place where one day a loft will grow or something like this

the shine of feathers
a seed planted in mica light
all this talk of violence
hot air

the cry of something pressing into skin
undermined wing & breastbone ache
take flight in codes rewritten

i want to believe, not to believe
is this a game?
verbs rise in tones
some blossoms don’t somatize
cells & webs hold fast to the function of organs
the narrowing through the function of “or”
all the ways to dislodge insistence

if you move your body you can change the
atoms breathe

scatter light
what else to witness for wolves?
meme as distance, meme of song
snakes write everywhere
click here                               to strike from a distance
a thumb, a name, a vertebra
aggression, daylight, territory, extermination

failed gardeners dig, failed headlines are
written everywhere

watery lines in our lined mouths line me branches
through user-generated keywords

i want to imagine a space in which this is possible: forgiveness

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